Why Jinova

Jinova is born from the encounter of financial professionals from Western Europe with the chairman of Luzheng Futures. They shared the same observation and assessment of the situation of the commodity derivatives market in China. First China is among the largest importer and producer of commodities in the world and its physical market has a prominent role on the international scene. However, the role of the Chinese commodity derivatives market is well below its potential. Then, the participation of the players of the real economy is not enough and this is due to various reasons including lack of education lack of appropriate hedging solutions. Similarly, capital and currency controls make it challenging to bridge China with the offshore markets, creating constraints and opportunities for hedgers. As a result, they decided to join forces to deployed innovations from the international financial market into China, but also investigate how to give access to China for international players. 

Meet The Team

Our team is a unique blend of skills and experience. We have significant accumulated experience in trading for top class commodity trading firms shipping grains and oilseeds, but also commodity derivatives trading experience with investment banks in Asia and Europe, in proprietary trading, sales and structuring. We can proud ourselves of deep knowledge of the Chinese and International commodity market. The team is truly international, and the language spoken at business levels are Mandarin, Arab, Turkish, French, Spanish and English.

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